Training-and-sport base Zaroslyak is located in the picturesque place of Carpathians on the territory of the National Carpathian park 18 kilometers far from Vorohta town on the height of 1330 m.a.s.l. at the very foot of Hoverla mountain at the upper river Prut. It includes the patience and silence with splendid conditions for sport and recreation.

Thanks to its unique location, fresh air filled with the mountain scent and coniferous trees fragrance, the base is a health resort for the healing of the upper respiratory tracts.

The recreation on Zaroslyak base is the ideal variant, which will allow to combine the active rest and patient contemplation of the beautiful mountain sceneries all over the year. The track to the highest point of Ukraine Hoverla starts on the territory of the base. The fascinating trips to the mountains, for mushrooms pick-up, fishing, pick nicks, ski- and horse-rides are waiting for you. There are the tours to the most interesting places of Carpathians. Extreme-lovers can use 12-meter freestyle ski jump.

Being the base for Ukraine’s Olympic reserve preparation, Zaroslyak proposes the unique possibilities for training both professional sportsman and amateurs. The base equipped with the Gym, Tatami for wrestling and other marital arts, basketball (volleyball) hall, tennis court, punching bags, ping-pong tables, professional freestyle ski-jumps. There are cycling and skiing roots in the neighborhoods.

There are rooms with all the facilities. There is a fascinating Hoverla view out of the windows. Our chefs will prepare the delicious meals for you using the ecologically clear products. Meanwhile, the hospitable personnel will do all for your recreation to stick in your mind for long and you would consider visiting this place ones more.